Controlling the flow of your statements can also be handled using Try, Throw and Catch in your blocks of code.

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In JavaScript our code is often wrapped in curly’s ( ), these are our blocks of code. Statements such as or to name a few help ensure our code has a distinct flow. What happens if your function returns to you an error? Often times, JavaScript will throw you a bone and prevent your function from causing havoc. You might even be able to get a hint on where to look for your error. This is what JavaScript…

makeStyles package basics, offered by Material UI

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When using Material Ui, you get access to a bunch of different tools on top of styled components. is a function that allows you to use JavaScript to styles your components. uses JSS at its core, this essentially translates JavaScript to CSS. What makes this a great option is that it runs when the page is requested on the server side.

1. Importing

In order to use function in your application you will need to import it in the component in where you plan to access the css that results from your function. …

A mini guide on JavaScript array iterators

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JavaScript Iterators can be a difficult bunch and as such need to be handled with care. However, when you understand them and care for them they become some of the best tools in your programing belt. Iterators are often used on arrays to process each element in the array and can returns a result once it has fully ran its course. Iterators often expect a function as its argument, for simplicity i will demonstrate with arrow functions.

It’s important to keep in mind that each Iteration has its own set of rules and regulations, and results may vary.


The find…

A beginners guide on debugging

When I first began my programing journey I was both amazed and baffled by the sheer amount of documentation I would have to sift through. I was given some direction when my friend directed me to some free pre-boot programs. These programs gave me some structure, and practice understanding logic with the help of their test specs. I quickly came to realize that I often began to “code” without fully thinking through my game plan. …

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